Shipping Instructions for Pickup of your Transmission


When you are ready for pickup, call Ginger at 706 865-5200 ext  121 and she will arrange for the pickup of your transmission.


The following information is needed:


Contact Name

Location Name – verify if commercial address or residential

(Residential  service is more expensive – trucks have difficulty navigating streets and maneuvering into small pickup areas.  Also, an appointment is required for residential service pickup and also a liftgate which costs even more money)

Pickup Address

Phone #

Hours of operation

Email/Fax to send Bill of Lading to you – print 3 copies of Bill of Lading.  1 copy you keep, 1 copy you give to the driver, 1 copy (very important) you attach to the crate. 


Ginger will make it VERY EASY for you to have your transmission picked up.



How to prepare a truck shipment